Avoid These Things When Using Your Perfume


A good perfume can change your life. It can help you produce a totally different impression on other people and make you feel differently. The scientists have proved that fragrances and scents influence our mood, well-being, etc. So, let’s learn how to use the perfume properly and what you can achieve with that.

The tips on what you should never do with a fragrance

First of all, you need to store it properly. Avoid leaving it in very humid places like your bathroom. Such conditions will spoil the scent. In addition, you need to avoid leaving it in the light. Light changes the composition of the fragrance and eventually ruins it completely.

Once you’ve learned how to store perfume, you need to find out how to apply it properly. The best places to apply are the areas which are warmer (because the veins are close to the skin). Avoid using perfume after you put on your jewelry. Don’t spray on your clothes because you risk leaving irremovable stains.

One more rule is to avoid rubbing your wrists right after you put on the fragrance. It speeds up the evaporation and you’ll lose the scent fast.

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