The «A State Of Trance 2018» release by Armin van Buuren


Armin van Buuren is one of the most popular artists on the modern electronic trance stage. He is the fourth person in the top list and nominated to Grammy. His «A State Of Trance 2018» release will be a great gift for fans, and also an interesting experience for others.

The fourth face on the electronic stage

Even those who are far from modern dance music (and trance specifically) are almost for sure aware of the Dutchman artist Armin van Buuren. He has scores of musical nominations and awards, a huge number of real hits and even the title of Chevalier of the Order of Orange-Nassau in the Netherlands. He was nominated to Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category and become the fourth person in the trance stage. Listen him and his competitors Tiësto, Paul van Dyk and BT at .

Anyway, since 2001, he has been broadcasting on the radio his own program “A State Of Trance” and has been publishing compilations of the best (in his expert opinion) trance music. The number of listeners of his radio show worldwide has reached 30 million. Some editions of the program include DJ sets of the guests of the program or live performances from dance floors of clubs around the world. Of course, the compilation also includes Armin van Buuren tracks and the most successful remixes on them. The 2018 compilation is divided into two discs of 22 compositions. On each disk, there are two tracks (the last in each of the discs), which are the DJ sets that last more than an hour. This is a great thing for fans of trance.